TOP 2006
International Workshop on Top Quark Physics
January 12-15, 2006
University of Coimbra, Portugal

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Topics of the Workshop:

  1. Current Theoretical status
    • The role of the top quark in the SM
    • Production of top quarks at FNAL, LHC and LC: differential and total production X-sections for t-tbar and single top (multi jet hard contributions and QCD corrections, mixed QCD+electroweak corrections, top spin effects, PDF, ISR+FSR)
    • Top quark decay properties within the SM
    • Top quarks as a probe of the Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (EWSB) (associated tt-bar Higgs production)
    • Top rare decays and Physics beyond the SM (SUSY, etc.)
    • The top properties: M(top), width, V_tb, top spin, top charge, spin-spin correlations, polarization, couplings
    • The SM electroweak+QCD background rates
  2. Current Experimental status
    • Latest Tevatron results on:
      • Differential distributions and total production X-sections (tt-bar and single top)
      • The top quark properties: mass and width (for the various decay channels), BR(t->Ws,Wd,...), charge, V_tb, spin-spin correlations, top resonances
      • The W polarization
      • Rare decays of top quarks
      • Systematic errors (multi jet hard contributions and QCD corrections, PDF, ISR+FSR, SM backgrounds, hadronization, etc.)
      • Jet energy calibration
      • Event reconstruction and selection
    • Results from other machines (LEP-2 and HERA)
    • MC generators for top quark physics
      • t-tbar production (+ N jets)
      • Single top production
      • Top rare decays
  3. At the Up-Coming Colliders
    • Future expectations from the TEVATRON
    • The LHC
      • ATLAS expected results and plans
      • CMS expected results and plans
      • Improvement of Tevatron results
      • MC generators for top quark physics
      • Data analyses in a model independent way
      • Experimental measurements sensitivity and new physics
      • The top as a background and a tool to searches of new physics
      • Systematic errors (multi jet hard contributions and QCD corrections, jet energy resolution, b-tagging, pile-up, etc.)
      • The top quark timetable for the LHC
    • The LC expected results and plans

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