Aplicações em diversos domínios

Liu, H.-T.; Weissman, M.A.; White, G.B.; Miner, G.E.; A stereoscopic system for measuring particle trajectories
Cedeno, W.; Vemuri, V. ;An investigation of DNA mapping with genetic algorithms
Takemura, H.; Kitamura, Y.; Chanezon, A.; Kishino, F.; An operator assistance method for an object placement
Ifukube, T. ;Artificial reality based on biomedical engineering-as an example case of sensory substitute studies
Simon, B.H.; Raghavan, R.;Computer visualization for enhanced operator performance for advanced nuclear power plants
Besse, L.J. ;Computer animated experiment on computational fluid dynamic data (CFD) as a virtual reality attempt
Pieper, S.; McKenna, M.; Chen, D.; McDowall, L. ;Computer animation for minimally invasive surgery: computer system requirements and preferred implementations
Fukui, Y.; Masuzawa, T.; Ozaki, M.; Smith, N.T. ;Digital computer simulation of cardiovascular system in bleeding patient for clinical management
Tsuji, T.; Ichinobe, H.; Ito, K.; Nagamachi, M. ;Discrimination of forearm motions from EMG signals by error back propagation typed neural network using entropy
Zerkus, M.; Becker, B.; Ward, J.; Halvorsen, L.;Displaced temperature sensing system for use in prosthetic limbs research, virtual reality and teleoperated robots
Brungart, D.S. ;Distance simulation in virtual audio displays
Langrana, N.A.; Burdea, G.; Lange, K.; Gomez, D.; Deshpande, S. ;Dynamic force feedback in a virtual knee palpation
Hartshorn, M.; Hubbard, E.;Interactive protein modelling
Hitchner, L.E.; McGreevy, M.W. ;Methods for user-based reduction of model complexity for Virtual Planetary Exploration
Louchet, J. ;Molecule synthesis and animation
Brelsford, J.W. ;Physics education in a virtual environment
Hancock, D.;'Prototyping' the Hubble fix
Kasas, S.; Solletti, J.M.; Cargnello, R. ;Representation of scanning probe images in virtual reality
Hanson, A.J. ;Seeing the right picture: graphics and visualization for high energy physics
Slater, M.; Usoh, M. ;Simulating peripheral vision in immersive virtual environments
Holdo, A. ;Simulating the fluid dynamics of offshore structures
Duvanenko, V.J.; Robbins, W.E. ;Stereoscopic viewing of atomic structures
Bequet, M.C. ;Teleoperation: Numerical simulation and experimental validation
Rovetta, A.; Cosmi, F.; Tosatti, L.M.;Teleoperator response in a touch task with different display conditions
Webster, W. ;Telerobotics in the nuclear industry
Taylor, R.M., II; Robinett, W.; Chi, V.L.; Brooks, F.P., Jr.; Wright, W.V.; Williams, R.S.; Snyder, E.J. ;The Nanomanipulator: a virtual-reality interface for a scanning tunneling microscope
Hitchner, L.E. ;The NASA Ames Virtual Planetary Exploration testbed
Chen, D.T.; Pieper, S.D.; Singh, S.K.; Rosen, J.M.; Zeltzer, D.L. ;The virtual sailor: An implementation of interactive human body modeling
Bryson, S.; Levit, C.;The virtual windtunnel-an environment for the exploration of three-dimensional unsteady flows
Auld, Lawrence ;Pantelidis, Veronica S.; Virtual Reality and Education Laboratory
Falconi, M.; Polticelli, F.; Desideri, A. ;Virtual reality in the biochemistry of proteins: method of representation of an active site of an enzyme
Kandel, S.; Boe, L.-J.; Orliaguet, J.-P. ;Visual detection of coarticulatory anticipation or...guessing what has not yet been written
Allinson, S. ;Visualisation of CFD simulations

Albert, R.; Albert, T.;X-ray stereoscopy in real time with reverse geometry  X-ray imaging


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