The "Softsciences" project was born in an university environment, promoted by faculty with interest in new forms of teaching and learning. The software we made, however, is almost exclusively intended for middle and high schools. Some of the programs are connected to M. Sc. theses on Science Teaching with computers, written up by high school teachers (that is the case e.g. of "Le Chat", "Relative"). A Ph. D. thesis on Science Teaching is also under way. All our programs are co-authored by high school teachers. Sometimes this kind of collaboration is not easy (the main difficulties are geographic spreading and time availability). But we try to keep that alliance since we think that it is an effective answer to the real necessities of schools. Besides the involvement of undergraduate and graduate students, we have tried, with no big success up to now, to involve in software development senior high school students (we have organized two «National Science Software Contests» for high school pupils)