The project "Softsciences" is currently preparing new versions of "Le Chat", "Zero" (tests for different disciplines) and "Multimedia Periodic Table - in English". The tool «Guidebook of Educational Software» is almost finished. We are shipping the CD-ROM «Omniscience 98», an updated version of the previous disc. We would like to increase our international exchange and, in that context, we have recently presented an invited talk in Italy and will attend the Ibero-American Meeting on Computers for Science to be held in Brazil in 1998.

     We keep improving and increasing our Web pages. In the future, more attention will be paid to the Internet in software design (for instance, programs being developed will include direct links to the Web to load new example files). We are also interested in trying new technologies in science education, such as virtual reality (a project on water - "Virtual Water" - is under way).

     We are organizing a Compteence Center to provide support to teachers. This will provide us a better contact with the school problems.

     Based on the feedback we have received, we conclude that the reception of the programs has been good. More pupils are being attracted to science with the aid of the computer and by other means. They are finding new forms of interaction with their teachers and peers, in the same classroom or far away. Many of them are entering the realm of science and getting engaged to it!