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Electricidade e Magnetismo

AC Electronics
AC Theory
ACNAP (AC Network Analysis Program)
Active Circuit Analysis Program
Advanced Animated Circuits
Animated Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Basic Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Ohm's Law
Applied DC Circuits: Parallel Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Resistors
Applied DC Circuits: Schematics
Applied DC Circuits: Series Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Series-Parallel Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Unit Conversions
Applied Physics
Applied Physics - Electrical Systems
B2 Logic
B2 Spice
B2 Spice
Basic Electricity I
Basic Electricity II
Basic Electronics- AC Circuits
Basic Electronics- DC Circuits
Basic Electronics- Digital Circuits
Basic Electronics- Integrated Circuits
Basic Electronics- Semiconductors
CAP - Circuit Analysis Program
Charged Particles
Chemical Energy Sources
Circuit Maker
Circuit Modeling, Exercises and Software
Computer Aided Training in Digital Systems (CASCAD)
Concepts of Electricity
Coulomb's Law
Current MAKER
DC Electronics
DC Meters
Design Works
Discrete Signals and Systems
Easy PC
Electrão/ Millikan
Electric Circuit Theory
Electric Circuit Theory
Electric Circuits
Electric Circuits ( Ohm's Law)
Electric Field
Electric Field Hockey
Electric Field Plotter
Electrical Charge and Direct Current
Electricity & Magnetism
Electricity and Electronics (9 parts)
Electricity and Magnetism
Electricity and Magnetism
Electricity and Magnetism Simulations: CUPS
Electricity/Electronics (8 parts)
Electrinics Courseware: AC Electricity
Electrinics Courseware: DC Electricity
Electrinics Courseware: Digital Electronics
Electrinics Courseware: Electronics Circuits
Electrinics Courseware: Microprocessor Systems
Electrinics Courseware: Solid State Electronic
Electro Bits
Electromagnetism and Generators
Electron and Positron Motion
Electronics Circuits
Electronics for Physics Studants
Electronics Fundamentals
Electronics Laboratory Simulator
Electronics Laboratory Simulator Studant Version
Electronics Testbench
Electronics Workbench
Electronics Workbench Studant Edicion
EM Field
Fun with Electronics
Hands-On Electronics
Introduction to Electricity/ Electronics
Introdution to Electronics-Analog Devices
Introdution to Electronics-Digital Devices
Introdution to Electronics-Electricity
Investigating Electric Fields
Investigation Electricity
Kirchhoff's Laws
Learning All About Electricity & Magnets
LICE - Logic Circuit Emulator
Logic Designer
Logic Simulator
LogicWorks 3 Interactive Circuit Design Software
Mac- and win - Breadboard
Micro Cap II
Micro Cap IV
Micro Logic II
Micro-Logic II Auto
MicroSim Pspice
Motion of as Charged Particle in Electric and Magnetic Fields
Nature of Electricity (Atomic Structure)
Parallel Circuits
Physics 2
Physics Disk 1: RLC Circuits
Physics Disk 3: Electric Fields & Equipotentials
Physics Disk 4: Electromagnetic Orbits
Physics Disk 6: Electric Fields in Three Dimensions
Physics Explorer: AC/DC Circuits
Physics Explorer: Electrodynamics
Physics Laboratory Experiments: Unit F Electricity
Physics Simulation II - Electromagnetism
Physics Simulation: E & M
Physics Simulation: Experimental
Physics Topics: Electricity
Physics Topics: Magnetism
Practical Teaching Ideas
RealTime Maxwell
Rescue Team
Schaum's Interactive Outline of Electric Circuits
Schaum's Interactive Outline of Electromagnetics
Semiconductor Devices
Series Circuits
Test Quest Electricity and Magnetism Disk
The Digital Filter Analyzer
The New Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia
The Studants Edition of MicroCAP
TLS: Transmission Line Simulator
Toolkit for Interactive Network Analysis
Toolkit for Interactive Network Analysis (TINA)
Troubleshooting with Electronics Workbench
Understanding Electricity
Understanding Electronic Circuits
VLSI Magician

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