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Ferramentas Físicas

A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica
A Simple Introdution to Numerical Analysis: Vol. 1
A Simple Introdution to Numerical Analysis: Vol. 2
AJP/TPT Database
An Introdution to Computer Simulation Methods: Aplications for Physical systems
Compact Guide to Excel
Computational Physics
Computational Techniques in Physics
cT Programming Environment
Excel Spreadsheet Tutorial w/ Workshop Physics Tools
f(g) Scholar
Fit Kit
Fourier Series and Transforms
Fourier Series in Mathematical Physics
Graphical Analysis
Graphical Analysis
IDL Wavelet Workbench
ithink (Research version)
ithink (Standard version)
Math Methods in Physics
MathCAD for Physics
Mathematica in Theoritical Physics
MC- Matrix Calculator
Neural Networks
Numerical Methods for Physics, Garcia
Numerical Recipes Code CD-ROM
Pascal: An Interactive Text
Projects in Scientific Computation
Quantum Mechanics Using Maple
Science Navigator
ScienceCheck Physics
Scientific Programmer's Toolkit
Scientific Programmer's Toolkit
Spreadsheet Exercises and Solutions
Spreadsheet Physics
Stella (Research version)
Stella (Standard version)
Studant Edition Simulink
System Behavior and System Modeling
The M.U.P.P.E.T. Utilities
Topics in Advanced Scientific Computation
Universal Lab Interface
Vector Adventure
Vector Calculator
Vectors for Windows
Wavelet Explorer

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