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Física Geral

A Brief History of Time
ActivPhysics 1
ActivPhysics 2
Advanced Physics
Albert: advanced physics
Albert: core physics
Animated Illustrations for Fundamentals of Physics
Applied Physics - Optics and Accoustics
Caduceus MCAT Review
Calculus Connections: A Multimedia Adventure Modules 1-8
Calculus Connections: A Multimedia Adventure Modules 17-24
Calculus Connections: A Multimedia Adventure Modules 9-16
CASTLE Physics
Cinema Classics Software
Comprehensive Physical
Comprehensive Physical Science
Computational Physics
Create-A-Test File Disk - Physics File Disks
Creative Physics
Creative Physics
Dynamic Analyzer
Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
Exam in a Can: Physics
ExaMaster Computerized test bank for Serway & Faughn
ExaMaster Computerized test bank for Serway & Gordon
ExaMaster Computerized test bank Kirkpatrick and Wheeler
Exploring Physics ( Brevemente)
Fast Physics
Física 10ºAno e 11º Anos
FQ- Folha de Cálculo
Gottlieb's Physics Lab. Exp-40 Modules
HIP Physics
How Things Work
Interactive Conceptual Examples
Interactive Journey Thougt Physics (Brevemente)
Interactive Learning Ware Volume 1
Interactive Learning Ware Volume 2
Interactive Physics II Studant Version
Interactive Physics Player for Fishbane
Interactive Physics Player for Giancoli
Introdução à Física
Introductory Physics I Package
Introductory Physics II Package
Knowledgebase Physics 1A
Knowledgebase Physics 1B
Learning All About Heat & Sound
Learning All About Matter
LOGAL Run-Time Physics Explorer for Fishbane
LOGAL Run-Time Physics Explorer for Giancoli
Mathematic Exercises in Introductory Physics
Momenti Simulation Software
Multimedia Enhanced Physics Intruction (Brevemente)
Physic-AL Computer Disk
Physic-AL Computer Test/Homework Program and Test Bank
Physics 1
Physics Activity Set
Physics and Chemistry Utility Programs
Physics Courseware to Accompany Serway & Faughn
Physics Courseware to Accompany Serway & Gordon
Physics Courseware to Accompany Serway, Moses & Moyer
Physics Demonstrations
Physics Explorer
Physics for the Computer Age
Physics Gems
Physics Infomall
Physics Lab Simulator
Physics Lessons
Physics Lessons and Calculation Practice
Physics Quizzle resources
Physics Simulation Programs
Physics Simulations: Mechanics M2
Physics Solutions
Physics Term Tutor
Physics Testbank with Science Test Builder
Physics Testmaker
Physics Visual Self Help
Physics Visual Testmaker
Physics Vocabulary testmaker
Physics: A Window on Our Word, Bolemon, Studant Learning Guide
Physics: The Core
Powersolver Software
Principles of Technology Software
Professional Physics Test Generator
PT-Applied Physics Units 1-7
PT-Applied Physics Units 8-14
Quizzle - The Electronic Chalkboard
Science Sleuths Vol. 1
Science Sleuths Vol. 2
Science Smart
Science TestBuilder v3.0
Spreadsheet Package to Accompany Serway & Gordon
Stella II
StudyWare for Physics
StudyWorks! for Schools
StudyWorks! for Science
Super Sims - I
SuperStar Science CD
Test Quest Physics Disk
The Cartoon Guide to Physics
The Conference on Computers in Physics Instruction: Software
The Essence of Physics
The Norton Studant Version of ProSolv
The Physics Test Maker
The Pysics Teacter's Test Maker
The Science of Reasoning Series
The Way Things Work
TK! Solverpack - Introductory Science
Turbo Science
Tutorial Software for Contemporary College Physics
Units, Unit Conversion and Significant Figures
Visual Physics
Visual Physics Library
Visualition of Natural Phenomena

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