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A Brief History of Time
A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica
A Simple Introdution to Numerical Analysis: Vol. 1
A Simple Introdution to Numerical Analysis: Vol. 2
AC Electronics
AC Theory
Accelerated Motion
ACNAP (AC Network Analysis Program)
Active Circuit Analysis Program
ActivPhysics 1
ActivPhysics 2
Adding Velocities
Advanced Animated Circuits
Advanced Physics
AJP/TPT Database
Albert: core physics
An Experimental Approach to Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
An Introdution to Computer Simulation Methods: Aplications for Physical systems
Animated Circuits
Animated Illustrations for Fundamentals of Physics
Animated Relativity
Applied DC Circuits: Basic Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Ohm's Law
Applied DC Circuits: Parallel Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Resistors
Applied DC Circuits: Schematics
Applied DC Circuits: Series Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Series-Parallel Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Unit Conversions
Applied Physics
Applied Physics - Electrical Systems
Applied Physics - Fluid Systems
Applied Physics - Mechanical Systems
Applied Physics - Optics and Accoustics
Applied Physics - Thermal Systems
Applied Physics Fundamentals
Arrakis Advantage: Physics Volume 2 - Light
Arrakis Adventage: Physics Volume 1 - Motion
Astro Labs
Astronomy Exam
Astronomy Lab
Astronomy Lab for Windows
Astronomy on the Personal Computer
Atomic Age
Atomic Orbitals
Atomic Physics
Atomic Scattering
B2 Logic
B2 Spice
B2 Spice
Ball & Stick
Basic Electricity I
Basic Electricity II
Basic Electronics- AC Circuits
Basic Electronics- DC Circuits
Basic Electronics- Digital Circuits
Basic Electronics- Integrated Circuits
Basic Electronics- Semiconductors
Beam Four
Beam Three
Beam Two
BuckyBall and BB Vibe Elist
Caduceus MCAT Review
Calculus Connections: A Multimedia Adventure Modules 1-8
Calculus Connections: A Multimedia Adventure Modules 17-24
Calculus Connections: A Multimedia Adventure Modules 9-16
CAP - Circuit Analysis Program
CASTLE Physics
Chamber Works
Chaos & Complexity Simulations for the Computer
Chaos Date Analyzer
Chaos Date Analyzer: The Professsional Version
Chaos in the Classroom I: Maps and Bifurcations
Chaos in the Classroom II: Fractals & Julia Sets
Chaotic Attractors in 3D
Chaotic Mapper
Charged Particles
Chart of the Nuclides: A Tutorial
Chemical Energy Sources
Cinema Classics Software
Circuit Maker
Circuit Modeling, Exercises and Software
Circular Motion
Color U(2)
Compact Guide to Excel
Comprehensive Physical
Comprehensive Physical Science
Computational Atomic Physics
Computational Nuclear Physics I
Computational Physics
Computational Physics
Computational Techniques in Physics
Computer Aided Training in Digital Systems (CASCAD)
Computer-generated Exams & Homework - 18 Units
Concept Development: Heat and Temperature and Graphs
Concepts of Electricity
Conceptual Kinematics
Conservation Laws
Coulomb's Law
Create-A-Test File Disk - Physics File Disks
Creative Physics
Creative Physics
cT Programming Environment
Current MAKER
DAFRAC - The Diffraction Calculation Tool
DC Electronics
DC Meters
Deep Space 3-D
Design Works
Designer Fractal I: FractaSketch
Designer Fractal II: MandelMovie
Discrete Signals and Systems
Dynamic Analyzer
Dynamic Models in Physics
Dynamic Visualizer
Dynamical Software: I.4
Dynamical Software: II.2
Dynamics: Numerical Explorations
Earth & Universe
Easy PC
Electric Circuit Theory
Electric Circuit Theory
Electric Circuits
Electric Circuits ( Ohm's Law)
Electric Field
Electric Field Plotter
Electrical Charge and Direct Current
Electricity & Magnetism
Electricity and Electronics (9 parts)
Electricity and Magnetism
Electricity and Magnetism
Electricity and Magnetism Simulations: CUPS
Electricity/Electronics (8 parts)
Electrinics Courseware: AC Electricity
Electrinics Courseware: DC Electricity
Electrinics Courseware: Digital Electronics
Electrinics Courseware: Electronics Circuits
Electrinics Courseware: Microprocessor Systems
Electrinics Courseware: Solid State Electronic
Electro Bits
Electromagnetism and Generators
Electron and Positron Motion
Electronics Circuits
Electronics for Physics Studants
Electronics Fundamentals
Electronics Laboratory Simulator
Electronics Laboratory Simulator Studant Version
Electronics Testbench
Electronics Workbench
Electronics Workbench Studant Edicion
Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
Energy Flow
Energy Fundamentals Part 1 & 2
Energy Resources
Equations of State
Exam in a Can: Physics
ExaMaster Computerized test bank for Serway & Faughn
ExaMaster Computerized test bank for Serway & Gordon
ExaMaster Computerized test bank Kirkpatrick and Wheeler
Excel Spreadsheet Tutorial w/ Workshop Physics Tools
Exploring Physics ( Brevemente)
f(g) Scholar
Farctal Attraction: A Fractal Design System for the Mac
Fast Fourier Transform Toturial
Fast Physics
FCC Nuclear Model
Fit Kit
Flight Simulation Package
Fluid Mechanics
Flying Fractals
Force and Motion
Forces & Effects
Fourier Analysis
Fourier Series and Transforms
Fourier Series and Transforms
Fourier Series in Mathematical Physics
Fractal Vision
Fractals in Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Fractals V2.0
From Newton to Mandelbrot
Fun Physics
Fun with Electronics
Fundamental Particles and Interactions
Fundamentals of Laser Technology
Fundamentals of Light
General Physics Volume 10- Solar System
General Physics Volume 11- Stellar Astronomy
Geometrical Optics
Gottlieb's Physics Lab. Exp-40 Modules
Graphical Analysis
Graphical Analysis
Graphical Schrodinger's Equation
Gravity Simulation
Guilty or Inocent? You Be a Car Crash Expert
Hands-On Electronics
Heavenly Mac
HIP Physics
How Things Work
Ideal Gases
IDL Wavelet Workbench
Inside/Out Physics
Interactive Conceptual Examples
Interactive Journey Thougt Physics (Brevemente)
Interactive Learning Ware Volume 1
Interactive Learning Ware Volume 2
Interactive Mechanics: An Interactive Physics Workbook
Interactive Physics
Interactive Physics
Interactive Physics II Player Workbook
Interactive Physics II Studant Version
Interactive Physics Player for Fishbane
Interactive Physics Player for Giancoli
Interactive Physics Simulations
Interactive Physics Simulations Disk
Introduction to Electricity/ Electronics
Introductory Physics I Package
Introductory Physics II Package
Introductory Quantum Mechanics
Introdution to Electronics-Analog Devices
Introdution to Electronics-Digital Devices
Introdution to Electronics-Electricity
Introdution to Lasers Software
Investigating Acceleration
Investigating Atomic Models
Investigating Conservation of Energy
Investigating Electric Fields
Investigating Force
Investigating Gravity
Investigating Models of Light
Investigating Thermal Energy
Investigating Wave Interference
Investigation Electricity
IR Simulator
ithink (Research version)
ithink (Standard version)
Journey Through the Solar System
Journey to the Stars
Kinematics Complete
Kinetics/ Thermodynamics
Kirchhoff's Laws
Knowledgebase Physics 1A
Knowledgebase Physics 1B
Laws of Motion
Learning About Force and Motion
Learning About Motion
Learning All About Electricity & Magnets
Learning All About Heat & Sound
Learning All About Light & Lasers
Learning All About Machines & Mechanics
Learning All About Matter
LICE - Logic Circuit Emulator
Light Programs
Light Waves
LodeStar 2.1
LodeStar Plus II
LOGAL Run-Time Physics Explorer for Fishbane
LOGAL Run-Time Physics Explorer for Giancoli
Logic Designer
Logic Simulator
LogicWorks 3 Interactive Circuit Design Software
Mac- and win - Breadboard
Mandelbrot Explorer
Materials Science om CD-ROM
Math Methods in Physics
MathCAD for Physics
Mathematic Exercises in Introductory Physics
Mathematica in Theoritical Physics
Mathematics for the 21st Century
MC- Matrix Calculator
Measurement in Motion
Mechanical Systems
Mediacoustic-Teaching Acoustics by Computer
Micro Cap II
Micro Cap IV
Micro Logic II
Micro-Logic II Auto
Microcomputer Assisted Heat Transfer Analysis
MicroSim Pspice
Millikan Oil Drop Experiment
Modeling Nature: Cellular Automata Simulations with Mathematica
Modern Physics Simulations: CUPS
Momenti Simulation Software
Momentum and Work
Motion of as Charged Particle in Electric and Magnetic Fields
Multimedia Engineering Dynamics
Multimedia Enhanced Physics Intruction (Brevemente)
Multimedia Motion
Nature of Electricity (Atomic Structure)
Neural Networks
Newton's Law of Universal Gravitation
Newton's Laws
NLF: Non Linear Forccasting
NMR Simulator
Northern Constellations
Nuclear & Particle Physics Simulations: CUPS
Nuclear Physics I
Nuclear Physics II
Numerical Methods for Physics, Garcia
Numerical Recipes Code CD-ROM
Optical Lens Design Software
Optics Lab
Optics One - Optical System Ray Tracer
Orbital Maneuvers
P.C. Planetarium
Parallel Circuits
Pascal: An Interactive Text
PC Aerotrek
PC Astrocad: Performance Analysis for Model Rockets
PC: Solve - Physics Courseware
Periodic Attactors in the Plane
PhasePlane: The Dynamical Systems Tool
Physic-AL Computer Disk
Physic-AL Computer Test/Homework Program and Test Bank
Physics 1
Physics 1
Physics 1 Series
Physics 2
Physics Activity Set
Physics and Chemistry Utility Programs
Physics Courseware to Accompany Serway & Faughn
Physics Courseware to Accompany Serway & Gordon
Physics Courseware to Accompany Serway, Moses & Moyer
Physics Disk 1: RLC Circuits
Physics Disk 2: Waves and Fourier Series
Physics Disk 3: Electric Fields & Equipotentials
Physics Disk 4: Electromagnetic Orbits
Physics DisK 5: Harmonic Motions
Physics Disk 6: Electric Fields in Three Dimensions
Physics Explorer: AC/DC Circuits
Physics Explorer: Diffraction and Interference
Physics Explorer: Electrodynamics
Physics Explorer: Geometric Optics
Physics Explorer: Gravity
Physics Explorer: Harmonic Motion
Physics Explorer: One Body
Physics Explorer: Ripple Tank
Physics Explorer: Two Bodies
Physics Explorer: Waves
Physics for the Computer Age
Physics Gems
Physics Infomall
Physics Lab Simulator
Physics Laboratory Experiments: Unit A Mechanics I
Physics Laboratory Experiments: Unit B Mechanics II
Physics Laboratory Experiments: Unit C Mechanics III
Physics Laboratory Experiments: Unit D Heat
Physics Laboratory Experiments: Unit E Waves and Optics
Physics Laboratory Experiments: Unit F Electricity
Physics Lessons
Physics Lessons and Calculation Practice
Physics Modules: Acceleration, Projectile, and Waves
Physics of Oscillations
Physics Quizzle resources
Physics Simulation II - Electromagnetism
Physics Simulation Programs
Physics Simulation: E & M
Physics Simulation: Experimental
Physics Simulation: Mechanics M1
Physics Simulation: Mechanics X1
Physics Simulation: Mechanics X2
Physics Simulation: Quantum Mechanics
Physics Simulations I - Mechanics
Physics Simulations III - Modern Physics
Physics Simulations: Mathematics Analysis
Physics Simulations: Mechanics M2
Physics Simulations: Optics
Physics Solutions
Physics Term Tutor
Physics Testbank with Science Test Builder
Physics Testmaker
Physics Topics: Electricity
Physics Topics: Force & Motion
Physics Topics: Heat
Physics Topics: Light
Physics Topics: Magnetism
Physics Topics: Mirrors & Lenses
Physics Topics: Momentum & Work
Physics Topics: Waves & Sound
Physics Tutorial Set
Physics Visual Self Help
Physics Visual Testmaker
Physics Vocabulary testmaker
Physics: A Window on Our Word, Bolemon, Studant Learning Guide
Physics: The Core
Planet: CWR Physics Courseware Project
Planets III
Planets in the Classroom
Plasma Physics via Computer Simulation
Powersolver Software
Practical Teaching Ideas
Principles of Technology Software
Producing Energy Software
Professional Physics Test Generator
Projectile Motion
Projects in Scientific Computation
PT-Applied Physics Units 1-7
PT-Applied Physics Units 8-14
Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics on the Mac
Quantum Mechanics on the Personal Computer
Quantum Mechanics Using Maple
Quantum Mechanics With Mathematica
Quantum Numbers
Quantum Scattering
Quizzle - The Electronic Chalkboard
RealTime Maxwell
Reflection and Refraction
Relativistic Collision
Rescue Team
Robot Manipulator Design
Rudy Rucker's Cellular Automata Laboratory
Schaum's Interactive Outline of Electric Circuits
Schaum's Interactive Outline of Electromagnetics
Science Navigator
Science Sleuths Vol. 1
Science Sleuths Vol. 2
Science Smart
Science TestBuilder v3.0
ScienceCheck Physics
Scientific Programmer's Toolkit
Scientific Programmer's Toolkit
Scintillation Experimenter System
Self-Help-Solid State
Semiconductor Devices
Series Circuits
Simple Harmonic Motion
Sir Isaacs Newton's Games
Socrates: Doppler Effect
Socrates: Motion in One Dimension
Socrates: Simple Harmonic Motion
Socrates: Wave Interference
Solid State Physics
Solid State Physics Simulations: CUPS
Solid State Testmaker
Sound Waves
Space & Astronomy
Space Shuttle Physics: Newton's Laws of Motion
Space Simulator
Spreadsheet Exercises and Solutions
Spreadsheet Package to Accompany Serway & Gordon
Spreadsheet Physics
Star Pilot
Stella (Research version)
Stella (Standard version)
Stella II
Structure of Matter
Studant Edition Simulink
Studies in Motion
StudyWare for Physics
StudyWorks! for Schools
StudyWorks! for Science
Super Sims - I
SuperStar Science CD
Susceptibility Tensors for Nonlinear Optics
System Behavior and System Modeling
Table of Isotopes
Test Quest Atomic and Nuclear Disk
Test Quest Electricity and Magnetism Disk
Test Quest Mechanics Disk
Test Quest Physics Disk
Test Quest Waves Disk
The Art of Molecular Dynamics Simulation
The Beauty of Fractals Lab
The Cartoon Guide to Physics
The Conference on Computers in Physics Instruction: Software
The Desktop Fractal Design System
The Digital Filter Analyzer
The Essence of Physics
The Howington Orrery
The Just Diatonic Scale
The M.U.P.P.E.T. Utilities
The Magic School Bus
The New Grolier Electronic Encyclopedia
The Newtonian Sandbox: Motion Toys for Eye and Mind
The Norton Studant Version of ProSolv
The Nuclear reactor Simulation
The Nuclear Shell Model
The Physics of Waves
The Physics Test Maker
The Pysics Teacter's Test Maker
The Science of Reasoning Series
The Studant Edition of Working Model by Knowledge Revolution
The Studants Edition of MicroCAP
The Way Things Work
The World of Chaos
Theme Park Physics
Thermal & Statiscal Physics Simulations: CUPS
Thermodynamics Lecture Demos
TK! Solverpack - Introductory Science
TLS: Transmission Line Simulator
Toolkit for Interactive Network Analysis
Toolkit for Interactive Network Analysis (TINA)
Topics in Advanced Scientific Computation
Troubleshooting with Electronics Workbench
Tutorial Software for Contemporary College Physics
Understanding Electricity
Understanding Electronic Circuits
Units, Unit Conversion and Significant Figures
Universal Lab Interface
Variational Method
Vector Adventure
Vector Calculator
Vector Mechanics for Engineers Statics
Vectors for Windows
Vibrational Modes
Visual Physics
Visual Physics Library
Visual Statics
Visualition of Natural Phenomena
Visualizing Chaos in the Personal Computer
VLSI Magician
Voyage II - The Dynamic Sky Simulator
Voyage SkyPlot
Voyage Through the Solar System
Voyage to the Planets
Wave Addition
Wave Interference
Wavelet Explorer
Waves & Optics Simulations: CUPS
Waves & Superposition
Waves and Light
Waves and Sound
Wood Car Rally
Work and Power
Working Model 2D
Working Model 3D

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