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Mac / DOS

Active Circuit Analysis Program
Animated Illustrations for Fundamentals of Physics
Applied Physics Fundamentals
Atomic Physics
Cinema Classics Software
Circular Motion
Conceptual Kinematics
Conservation Laws
Create-A-Test File Disk - Physics File Disks
Dynamic Models in Physics
Electric Field Hockey
Electrical Charge and Direct Current
Electricity and Magnetism
Electricity/Electronics (8 parts)
Electronics Fundamentals
Energy Fundamentals Part 1 & 2
Exam in a Can: Physics
ExaMaster Computerized test bank for Serway & Faughn
ExaMaster Computerized test bank for Serway & Gordon
ExaMaster Computerized test bank Kirkpatrick and Wheeler
Flight Simulation Package
Force and Motion
Fractals in Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach
From Newton to Mandelbrot
Fundamental Particles and Interactions
Fundamentals of Laser Technology
Fundamentals of Light
Graphical Analysis
Graphs & Tracks
How Things Work
Interactive Learning Ware Volume 1
Interactive Learning Ware Volume 2
IR Simulator
Kinetics/ Thermodynamics
Laws of Motion
Learning About Motion
Learning All About Electricity & Magnets
Learning All About Heat & Sound
Learning All About Light & Lasers
Learning All About Machines & Mechanics
Learning All About Matter
Light Waves
Math Methods in Physics
Micro Cap IV
Momentum and Work
Newton's Laws
Newtonian Sandbox
NMR Simulator
Objects in Motion
Physics Activity Set
Physics Courseware to Accompany Serway & Faughn
Physics Courseware to Accompany Serway & Gordon
Physics Courseware to Accompany Serway, Moses & Moyer
Physics Disk 1: RLC Circuits
Physics Disk 4: Electromagnetic Orbits
Physics Testmaker
Principles of Technology Software
Quantum Mechanics Using Maple
Quantum Numbers
Reflection and Refraction
Relativistic Collision
Self-Help-Solid State
Solid State Testmaker
Spreadsheet Package to Accompany Serway & Gordon
StudyWare for Physics
System Behavior and System Modeling
The Conference on Computers in Physics Instruction: Software
The Desktop Fractal Design System
The Newtonian Sandbox: Motion Toys for Eye and Mind
The Physics of Waves
The World of Chaos
TK! Solverpack - Introductory Science
Universal Lab Interface
Visual Physics Library
Voyage Through the Solar System
Voyage to the Planets
Waves and Light
Waves and Sound

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