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Mac / Win

A Brief History of Time
A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica
ActivPhysics 1
ActivPhysics 2
Advanced Physics
Atomic Age
B2 Logic
B2 Spice
Comprehensive Physical
Comprehensive Physical Science
Design Works
Dynamic Visualizer
Encyclopedia of Science and Technology
Energy Flow
Excel Spreadsheet Tutorial w/ Workshop Physics Tools
Fun with Electronics
IDL Wavelet Workbench
Inside/Out Physics
Interactive Journey Thougt Physics (Brevemente)
Interactive Mechanics: An Interactive Physics Workbook
Interactive Physics
Interactive Physics II Player Workbook
Interactive Physics II Studant Version
Interactive Physics Player for Fishbane
Interactive Physics Player for Giancoli
Interactive Physics Simulations
Interactive Physics Simulations Disk
ithink (Research version)
ithink (Standard version)
Learning About Force and Motion
LOGAL Run-Time Physics Explorer for Fishbane
LOGAL Run-Time Physics Explorer for Giancoli
LogicWorks 3 Interactive Circuit Design Software
Mac- and win - Breadboard
Materials Science om CD-ROM
MathCAD for Physics
Mathematic Exercises in Introductory Physics
Mathematica in Theoritical Physics
Mechanical Systems
Modeling Nature: Cellular Automata Simulations with Mathematica
Multimedia Engineering Dynamics
Multimedia Motion
Numerical Methods for Physics, Garcia
Physics Explorer
Physics Explorer: AC/DC Circuits
Physics Explorer: Diffraction and Interference
Physics Explorer: Electrodynamics
Physics Explorer: Geometric Optics
Physics Explorer: Gravity
Physics Explorer: Harmonic Motion
Physics Explorer: One Body
Physics Explorer: Ripple Tank
Physics Explorer: Two Bodies
Physics Explorer: Waves
Physics for the Computer Age
Physics Infomall
Physics Quizzle resources
Physics Visual Self Help
Physics Visual Testmaker
Physics Vocabulary testmaker
Physics: A Window on Our Word, Bolemon, Studant Learning Guide
Physics: The Core
Producing Energy Software
Projects in Scientific Computation
Quantum Mechanics With Mathematica
Science Sleuths Vol. 1
Science Sleuths Vol. 2
Science Smart
Spreadsheet Exercises and Solutions
Stella (Research version)
Stella (Standard version)
Studant Edition Simulink
StudyWorks! for Schools
StudyWorks! for Science
Table of Isotopes
The Essence of Physics
The Studant Edition of Working Model by Knowledge Revolution
Theme Park Physics
Topics in Advanced Scientific Computation
Wavelet Explorer
Working Model 2D

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