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A Brief History of Time
A Physicist's Guide to Mathematica
A Simple Introdution to Numerical Analysis: Vol. 1
A Simple Introdution to Numerical Analysis: Vol. 2
AC Electronics
AC Theory
Accelerated Motion
ACNAP (AC Network Analysis Program)
Active Circuit Analysis Program
ActivPhysics 1
ActivPhysics 2
Adding Velocities
Advanced Animated Circuits
Advanced Physics
AJP/TPT Database
Albert: advanced physics
Albert: core physics
An Experimental Approach to Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos
An Introdution to Computer Simulation Methods: Aplications for Physical systems
Animated Circuits
Animated Illustrations for Fundamentals of Physics
Animated Relativity
Applied DC Circuits: Basic Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Ohm's Law
Applied DC Circuits: Parallel Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Resistors
Applied DC Circuits: Schematics
Applied DC Circuits: Series Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Series-Parallel Circuits
Applied DC Circuits: Unit Conversions
Applied Physics
Applied Physics - Electrical Systems
Applied Physics - Fluid Systems
Applied Physics - Mechanical Systems
Applied Physics - Optics and Accoustics
Applied Physics - Thermal Systems
Applied Physics Fundamentals
Arrakis Advantage: Physics Volume 2 - Light
Arrakis Adventage: Physics Volume 1 - Motion
Astro Labs
Astronomy Exam
Astronomy Lab
Astronomy Lab for Windows
Astronomy on the Personal Computer
Astrophysics Simulations: CUPS
Atomic Age
Atomic Orbitals
Atomic Physics
Atomic Scattering

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