Portugal has had in the eighties a national program for promoting computers in schools (project "Minervať). This program was well thought and is sometimes abroad referred to as a model (Ref. 8). In the real life of schools, however, there were no long-term effects especially in terms of dissemination and effective use of educational programs inside classrooms. The production of software was indeed supported but there is no report of extensive use of them. "Minerva" finished in 1992 and only in 1997 a new program has been established: it was named "Nonius", from the Latin name of the XVIIth century Portuguese mathematician Pedro Nunes (Ref. 9). This program does not seem to be amplifying signicantly the isolated efforts already going on in the field.

     In face of the school needs, we have elected pragmatism as our keyword. We want to make it easy for the pedagogical community to acquire and use our programs. We have been sending to all Portuguese secondary schools a catalogue with the available program title. Mail order has been working from Portuguese Physical Society office and a presence has been assured at national Science Education meetings.