The potential of the Internet for teaching and learning is enormous. Recently, the Portuguese Ministry for Science and Technology has finished an action for placing Internet connected computer at the library of every Portuguese middle and high school (circa 1500 schools were covered).

     We are already providing educational contents that are available on line to schools and homes. Most of the information on "Softsciences" is in the Web. Everything is written in Portuguese to make life easier to Portuguese teachers and pupils, but we are translating some of the material into English. The oldest programs may be downloaded for free. We have developed, as a framework for our materials, the "Omniscience" homepage (http://www.fis.uc.pt/~softc/Omni98), which is connected to the above referred CD-ROM. It encompasses all our software titles and educational materials.

     A part of "Omniscience" is called "READ Sciences" (http://www.fis.uc.pt/Read_c/Read_c.html): it includes science resources (e. g., science experiments, a data base with almost all Portuguese books on popular science, lists of the best science videos, etc.). The educational impact of this project not only in Portugal but also in Brazil is noticeable. Another of our pages is "Nonius", honoring Pedro Nunes (http://www.mat.uc.pt/~jaimecs/): this, centered on Mathematics, offers not only a lot of links to the math educational world but also many items of our own.

     Our most recent feature is an educational resource Web page for Chemistry. That page contains an English part on chemical equilibrium (http://www.fis.uc.pt/~bieq/equilibrio/ing/eqq_main.html).