Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794)

Antoine Laurent Lavoisier was born in Paris, in August 26th 1743, and died in May 8th 1794. He is considered the father of the modern Chemistry

His theories became known through his book Traité Élementaire de Chimie, published in 1789. Lavoisier completed the work of Priestley and Cavendish, who ended the flogist theory, by correctly interpreting combustions, calcinations and other oxidation reactions, and giving rise to the fundamentals of quantitative organic analysis. He named oxygen and nitrogen and popped out with the concept of chemical element. He developed the basis of modern thermodynamics

Lavoisier was secretary and treasurer of a committee appointed in 1790 to determine the standard weights and measures in France, leading to the development of the metric system as it is known nowadays. He took part in several state committes on agriculture making him suspicious to the authorities leading the French Revolution. Judged by a revolutionary court, Lavoisier was convicted to death in the guillotine, in Paris.