Harold Clayton Urey (1893-1981)

Harold Clayton Urey was born in the state of Indiana, USA, in April 29th 1893, dying in California, in January 5th 1981.

A graduate of the University of Montana (1917), he was granted a Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of California (1923), and specialized in atomic physics with Niels Bohr by the University of Copenhagen (1923-1924). Was awarded the Nobel Prize the Chemistry (1934), for obtaining the deuterium for the first time (1932).

During World War II he directed the research on the methods for separating the uranium isotope U-235, and producing heavy water. Played a major role in the preparation of the atomic bomb. Urey also devoted some time to the problem of the origin of Earth and to the hypothesis of using oxygen-18 to determine prehistoric temperatures.