Pierre Simon Laplace (1749-1827)

French scientist born in Peaumont-en-peak (Calvados), in March 23rd 1749, and died in Paris, in March 5th 1827.

At the age of 18, went to Paris, where D' Alembert proposed his name for professor of Mathematics in to Royal Military School (1768). In its work Traité de Mécanique Céleste invokes Newton's conclusions about the universal gravity. In the Physics domain, collaborated with Lavoisier in his calorimetry works (1780), formulated a mathematical theory of capillarity and the elementary laws of the electromagnetism, measured the speed of sound waves, etc. However, the most important work of Laplace was the Exposition du Système du Monde where he exposes its cosmogonic hypothesis according to which the Solar System would have origin in a primal nebula.