Georg Bauer Agricola (1494-1555)

Agricola was born in Glauchau, Saxony, in March 24th 1494, and died, in Chemnitz, in November 21st 1555.

Agricola was interested in the Humanities and, later in Medicine. He worked in Leipzig, Bologna and Padua. Returned to Germany in 1527, and established himself in Joachimstahl, where practiced Medicine. In this city began his mineralogical and mining studies, publishing in 1530, the book Bermannus, in which exposes ideas of great importance for the mining science. He abandoned Joachimstahle and went to Chemnitz. Besides this book, Agricola published several works of assumed importance to Geology like dynamic geology, mineralogy, mining and metallurgy. One of the most important works is De re metallica, published after his deathin 1556, in Basle. Other examples of his work are: De orto et causis subterraneorum, De natura eorum quae effluunt ex terra, De natura possibilium e De veteribus et novis metallis.