Carl William Scheele (1742-1786)

Swedish chemist, was born in Stralsund, in December 9th 1742, and died in Köping, in May 21st 1786.

His formation was essentially practical, during the preparation for the pharmaceutic career in Gothenburg, Malmoe and Stockholm. He was also interested in the themes of pure Chemistry, specially after he made 28 years and became close friend of Bergman. In 1775 is appointed member of the Science Academy of Stockholm. By that time, Frederic the Great, tried to convince him to continue his studies in London or Berlin. However, he preferred to settle down with his own pharmacy at Köping, where accomplished most of his original works.

The analysis, in 1774, of manganese dioxide led to the discovery of chlorine and barite and also to the description of several manganese compounds.