Lubricant additive
Glass, Medicaments

It is used as a desgasifier and refining agent for molten metals and in the production of copper and its alloys. Also, it acts as a grain refinement agent and increases the fluidity of the molten metals. Due to its lo w atomic mass, lithium compounds are always present in relatively small molecular masses, giving advantages in certain applications, as in the use of lithium hydroxide in the carbon dioxide absorption in submarines and spacecrafts.

The existence of small percentages of lithium oxide in some substances used in ceramic lowers sensibly the respective melting points. Lithium carbonate is used for this effect as well as in the production of special types of glass.

The lithium fluoride is used in the manufacturing of prisms and infrared spectrophotometers and it is used in the production of enamels. The lithium chloride and bromide can be used as drying agents and are also used as lubricants. One of the most imp ortant applications of this element is in the reagent preparation for organic synthesis, in particular of the complex hydrides of aluminum and boron, with widespread applications.