Cooling agent (liquid nitrogen)
ammonia production

Gaseous nitrogen has a wide variety of industrial applications, with special relevance to the chemical, alimentary, electrical and metallurgical industries. In the chemical industry, it is used to dilute reagent gases, to increase the yield of some reactions, to decrease the fire or explosion risk of some other reactions or, still, to avoid the oxidation, decomposition or reagent or products hydrolysis. In the food industry it is frequently used to avoid the oxidation of certain wastes or still to inhibit mildew and insect development. In the electrical industry, the nitrogen is used to avoid oxidation's and undesirable chemical reactions. It can also be used in the pressurizing of the electrical cable coatings, in lasers and as motors shielding. In the metallurgical industry it is used in great amounts to avoid the oxidation of certain metals or the carbonization in the welding processes.

Nitrogen is still used as non-reactive gas in production of rubbers or expanded plastics, also with application in wind tunnels or as pressurizing liquid of reactor propellers.

The uses of the liquid nitrogen are related with its availability, chemical inertia and lower temperature. The transport industries related with the alimentary sector use liquid nitrogen in refrigeration and freezing systems. With this process one can assure the original texture and the natural flavor of food. Liquid nitrogen is also used in cryobiology to preserve blood, bone medulla, organs and semen.

In the electronic industry the liquid nitrogen is used in the refrigeration of electronic components.