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Salt, soda, glass

Sodium can reduce many oxides of other metals and it is often used as reducing agent, just as its hidride. It forms alloys with many metals, with special relevance to lead and mercury. From the reaction with several organic substances inumerous derivates result as well as free radicals, many of them important used in organic synthesis, like polymerization reactions.

The more important sodium compounds are the chloride, the hydroxide, the peroxide, the tripolyphosphate, the tetraborate, the silicates, the chlorate, the tiossulfate. The sodium chloride constitutes the main raw material in the obtaining process of the other salts; the sodium hydroxide is used as industrial reagent, in the production of soaps, cellulose, paper, rayon, and many other products; the peroxide is an oxidizer agent used as bleach of textile fibers; the tripolyphosphate is used in water treatment; the tetraborate is used in the production of detergents; the silicates are used in the production of glasses; and the chlorate in the production of explosive; finally, the tiossulfate is used in photography as a developer.