Flash lamps
airplanes, road bicycles
Chimney bricks
Anti-acid (magnesium hydroxide)

Among other applications of its compounds we can point out the use of the magnesium oxide in the production of refractory materials and in the rubber, fertilizers and plastics industries, the use of the hydroxide in medicine as antacid and laxative, the use of the carbonate as insulating material in boilers and tubage, and still in the rubber, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

The sulfates (Epsom salts) are used as laxatives, fertilizers for poor magnesium soils and still in the textile and paper industries; the chloride is used in the production of the metal, in the textile industry and in the manufacture of glues and special cements. Among the organic compounds of magnesium we refer the reagents of Grignard used in organic synthesis and, in large scale, in the silicones production. Special reference must be made to chlorophyll which plays a fundamental role in the metabolism of the plants.

The metal applications are multiple and diverse. Special emphasis must be taken in the mechanical construction in the aeronautics and automobile industries, used as pure metal or in alloys with aluminum and zinc, or with less usual metals, as zirconium, thorium, lanthanides and others. It is still used in explosives production, in pyrotechnics, in the production of organic or organometalic compounds, in the production of light batteries and of anticorrosion devices, in the production of the beryllium, titanium, hafnium, zirconium, uranium and other metals, in the purification of industrial gases as the hydrogen and argon, etc.