Electronic components, photovoltaic cells
hardware tools
Glass, quartz, concrete
olive-oil and fats

The elemental silicon is used in silicone preparation, production of metallic alloys with iron, aluminum, copper and manganese or as deoxidizing agent in steel production. The iron-silicon alloy is produced by the simultaneous reduction of ferric oxide and silica with carbon, at high temperatures in an electrical furnace, with application as deoxidizing agent in the production of magnesium and chromium. The addition of a small amount of silicon to the aluminum alloys (about 14%) increases its consistency and its resistance to the corrosion caused by the seawater.

Pure elementary silicon when doped with traces of elements such as boron and phosphorus is one of the best semiconductors. These substances have a myriad of applications in modern technology, because it was on the basis of semiconductors that transistors and diodes were invented. They are the core of any analog or digital electronic circuit. The semiconductors are also used in power rectifiers or in solar cells.