Fireworks, matches
Fertilizers, detergents

The elementary phosphorus is used in several pyrotechnic applications (fireworks, luminous projectiles or in commonly denominated matches), in the metallurgical industry to form metallic alloys as the phosphorous brass, in the production of insecticides or as addictive of industrial oils. The phosphoric acid is used as addictive for certain drinks as well as in the cleaning of some metals or as phosphatizing agent.

But it is in the form of phosphate salts that the element has the largest applications. The fertilizer industry almost absorbs all extracted phosphates of the rocks. There are several types of fertilizers obtained from phosphates, usually mixed with potash or ammonia salts. The phosphate salts are also used in the production of synthetic detergents (sodium polyphosphate) and in teeth paste (calcium phosphate). Some condensed phosphates are used in industrial water treatment.