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Among the typical sulfur reactions, the reaction with the olefins, of great technological importance should be pointed out because it is the base of the so-called process of vulcanization of natural and synthetic rubber.

The most important sulfur compounds, from the industrial point of view, are: sulfur dioxide, gas obtained by combustion of the sulfur to the air, with a suffocating smell, used in the production of sulfuric acid and in bleaching; hydrogen sulfide, also called sulphydric gas, extremely poisonous and with characteristic smell to rotten eggs, considered a weak acid in aqueous solution and tending to form colored compounds not very soluble with most of the metals (used for this reason in chemical analysis); sulfuric acid, an oleaginous liquid widely used in laboratory and in several industries; and the carbon sulfide, liquid applied as solvent.

The sulfur is mainly used in the production of several compounds as the sulfurous gas, sulfite, sulfuric and sulphydric acids, carbon sulfides and others. It is also used in the production of the black gunpowder and of insecticides, pharmaceutical products and disinfectants, as well as in the vulcanization of the rubber for the process already referred. The sulfurous products are used as addictive in scentless combustible gases, so that the escapes can be detected through the characteristic smell of the element. It should be finally pointed out, that S 35 is applied in biochemistry for elucidation of reaction mechanisms.