Mirrors, Batteries
Spoons, knifes and forks
Photographic paper and film
Photosensitive glass

The most important silver inorganic compound is, undoubtfully, the nitrate, because it is used in almost all the processes of production other compounds. Silver nitrate has a wide application in painting, xerography, chemical electroplating, in components for electric batteries and in Medicine as catalyst. Silver chloride is another important compound, due to its ductility and malleability. The organic compounds of the element are used in the coating of several metals and in dynamite or other explosive bars.

The most important alloy of this element is silver-copper, traditionally used in producing coins. Nowadays this alloy was replaced by a cheaper alloy, copper-nickel. There are other silver alloys used in producing radiators for the automobile industry, and in producing musical instruments.

The chemical industry uses metallic silver as catalyst of several oxidation reactions such as those of ethanol and other alcohols. The oil industry also uses silver nitrate as catalyst. For many years, the mirrors were made by deposition of a small silver coat on a glass surface. Nowadays aluminum is used for this purpose.