Motor electric candles
Fireworks, stomach X-ray plates
Fluorescent lamps

There are very few uses for barium metal. Thin films of barium are used as a lubricant on the rotors of anodes in vacuum X ray tubes.

The most important barium compounds are the carbonate, the nitrate, the oxide and the sulfate. Barium carbonate is used in chemical applications, in the treatment of salt brines to remove some sulfate, as flux in ceramics and as an ingredient in optical glass and fine glassware. Barium nitrate (Ba(NO3)2) is used to produce a green color in flares, pyrotechnic devices and tracer bullets. Barium oxide is used in the manufacture of lubricating oil detergents. Barium sulfate as a paint pigment and in cosmetics. A small but vital use is in X-ray photography of the gastrointestinal tract where it provides a fine opaque contrasting medium ingested prior to X-ray examination.