Some notes

The "Tabela Periódica" project started in 1994 by initiative of Softciências, a non-profitable organisation devoted to the production of educational software. Version 1.0 was a Windows program that included most of the properties of the elements that also make part of this latest version.

Some time later, we felt that we should add some more information concerning, for example, the history of the discovery of the elements, their applications, in which minerals they can be found in Nature, etc. We also took the chance to improve the visual aspect of the program. So, in 1997, "Tabela Periódica v2.0" was born. It had several hundred of hypertext pages with information on the elements, properties of more than 2000 isotopes, spectral lines, etc. In parallel we also developed a web version (in Portuguese only).

In 1998, Softciências asked us to do an English translation of the program. This work was finished in the beginning of 1999. Recent developments in web technology (CSS, JavaScript) also allowed us to do some improvements to the web version. "Periodic Table v2.5" web site was then inaugurated in the 1st of February of 1999.

In the production of this program, we used as major sources of information the following books:

We also used a large number of OS (Windows/DOS, several flavors of Unix, VMS) , of programming languages (Borland C++ 3.1 and 4.5, Microsoft Visual C++, Gnu C, Perl, Sed, Bash, JavaScript) and of other programs (Netscape Navigator, Emacs, Microsoft Word, Excel and Internet Explorer, etc.)

We had help from a number of people and institutions that we gratefully acknowledge:

Finally we would like to introduce ourselves. The authors of this "Periodic Table" are Miguel Marques (programming, web, etc.), João Cardoso (information, hypertext pages, translation, design etc.), João Paiva (logistics and advising), Prof. Carlos Fiolhais and Prof. Victor Gil (scientific advising) and finally our collaborators Patrícia Aguiar and Dário Fonseca.