The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin  - Full text on-line

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin  - Full text on-line

Origin Of Species by Charles Darwin 

Vestiges of The Natural History of Creation 1844 by Anonymous - Full text on-line

Biological Anthropology A Synthetic Approach to Human Evolution by Noel

Book Review of The Dynamics of Evolution by Albert Somit, Steven A. Peterson

Contemporary Readings in Physical Anthropology by Alan J. Almquist

Becoming Human  by Tattersall

Oxford Surveys in Evolutionary Biology Volume 8 by Douglas Futuyma

Record of the Past, The An Introduction to Physical Anthropology ... by  DeCorse

African Biogeography, Climate Change, and Human Evolution  by Bromage

Art of Genes  by Coen

Animal Evolution  by Nielsen

The Origins Solution by Dick Fischer

Biogenesis  by Lahav

Natural Selection Domains, Levels, and Challenges   by Williams

Extinctions in Near Time  Causes, Contexts, and Consequences  by MacPhee

Comparative Method in Evolutionary Biology  by Harvey

Cladistic Biogeography (2-e)  by Humphries

Evolution  by Stearns

Game Theory and Animal Behavior Dugatkin by Dugatkin

The Voyage of the Beagle 1845, 2nd Edition by Charles Darwin

Adam, Apes and Anthropology by Glenn R. Morton


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